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We're from Power Of Love Productions are thrilled!!!

My dear Soul Sisters & Brothers, we are so excited to have published our 300th Track!!

And this we have achieved just from back in April 2008!!

We thank you all the artists on our roster which made this possible!!!

Mark Moore aka Passionardor, Energy Flow, Utopias Dream, Lex Lara, Ron D 8 Lim and Sam B.

Sanna Vaarna, Lostsoundz and Scott Langley!

To Celebrate this amazing achievement we would love to give thanks to all of you which motivates us everyday

To create, write and produce new music.

We will Giveaway a Brand New Track "UHURU (Freedom) D 8 mix edit" By Ron D 8 Lim

Download link click here

Posted Image
Remix Contest - Gotta Be feat Nanaya D 8 mix

Then we're buzzed to hold a Remix Competition in associations with SpinUtopia - Detroit

SpinUtopia a New upcoming Music social website catering to DJ's, Remixers, Producers, Labels, Fans, Photographers

Events and more, has just recently relaunched their Website. Now for the amazing evolution of the Site,

Power Of Love Productions sided with them to create an exciting Opportunity

for new and upcoming Remixers, Producers and Artists.

The Remix Contest will be from the Song "Gotta Be feat Nanaya (D 8 mix)" by Ron D 8 Lim.

Winner of the Contest will get a Contract with Power Of Love Productions!!!

For more info how to participate click here

Wishing you all an uplifting, joyous, fulfilling, enlighten, filled with love, divine and blessed Week!!!

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